Trips With Kids

Locomotives in Wolsztyn

parowozowniaWe knew for a long time that Wolsztyn is famous for its steam locomotives. There are last in Europe open roundhouse. Every year in May parade of steam engines held here and thousands of railway enthusiasts is coming to the town. Once we were at the annual parade, but then, paradoxically, it was not possible to visit the roundhouse – because of the crowds that descended on the occasion of the parade to the city. Using a long weekend in June we decided to visit Wolsztyn again, this time calmly, to show children the choo-choo. Roundhouse is located at the main intersection in town (crossed here DK5 and DW305 roads).


We got on great, sunny weather. This is important because most of the “attractions” is outdoors. At the beginning of the walk along the tracks where a constant steam engines and old cars. Next we went through the crossing and went to the museum.


On tracks antique coaches were parked, the oldest were built in 1915, all made of wood. Inside there were separate compartments for women and men (the former were equipped with pink pillows).


The central point is rotating railway established in 1908, which allows steam locomotives to access 8 position garage. Hall footprint was established a year earlier (in 1907). Nearby there were parked some of the steam locomotives. Some engines work, and the valves coming out steam.


The museum building had a large number of exhibits, all related to the railways. And yes, you can see the equipment of the station master, ticket office, old documents, stamps, communication equipment (exchanges, switchboards, telephones), as well as semaphores, lamps, lights. There’s also a scale model of the expansion plan for the roundhouse. The children had such an opportunity to see the phone with dial disc. In an era of cells and touch screens, it’s something new for them.


According to information on the website of the roundhouse museum visit is paid. However nobody was asking to buy tickets there, and thus we toured the facility for free. We bought a commemorative magnet on the refrigerator with a locomotive and went through the house to the garage.


The workshop is located at the back of the parking hall. It is worth to go there and watch the old lathe. Guy, who worked there told us what he can do in this workshop. Locomotives are no longer produced, and hence no replacement parts therefor. To maintain locomotives in operation they need the service. When they need some element – it is created anew in the workshop. Awesome.