Trips With Kids

Mammoths near Poznan

Saturday afternoon was spent in DELI Park – a family, educational and fun park. This park is located on the outskirts of the Wielkopolski National Park near the restaurant Delicjusz, at the national road No. 5 between Stęszew and Poznan.


The park has many attractions for children. Among the vegetation (which is still growing ), we can find:

  • miniatures of famous buildings from around the world (including mountain Rushmore, World Trade Center, Machu Picchu)
  • Models of animals living in the Ice Age (mammoths)
  • enlarged models of insects (including protected species in Wielkopolski National Park)
  • mini zoo – and its domestic animals, peacock, turkey, sheep, alpacas, kangaroos, lemurs
  • children’s playgrounds
  • sky-village (small town located in the form of educational platforms hung on the trees in the neighboring forest)
  • fountain, bridges, rates, small river


The park launched a train line for children. Tickets includes one-time drive of this train cable and also one ride on mechanical horse.

In addition to the open area is also covered part. There we find a large playground and educational games on touch screens hanging on the walls. Games refer to the subject of the ice age – the main character is a mammoth.


They honor any discount cards for large families. Poznan, municipal, nationwide. It’s a nice gesture, though, and so the price for admission is excessive.


  • a lot of activities for kids
  • Education combined with fun


  • price
  • wind (for open space is very windy)

You can see that the park has good conditions to develop. In a few years, the bushes will grow and overshadow some visitors from the wind will be a cool place to spend with the children all day in the fresh air.