Trips With Kids

Mosque in Bohoniki

One of the points of the route during our trip was the mosque in Bohoniki. Bohoniki is a small village near the border with Belarus. The land was donated to the Polish Tartars and it is here that they built their temple.


Mosque was built at the turn of the XIX and XX century. During the war, it was destroyed by the Nazis, who arranged a field hospital here. In 2005, it has been completely renovated.

We know so little about Islam. In school they teach us only about Christianity and the subject of religion, unfortunately, does not mention other religions. So we needed to learn about it ourself.


We were in the mosque first time in our life. We got there on Friday. Who would have thought that Friday for Muslims is such a “Sunday Christian” and then held the main service. We had to wait for a while until you finish praying. From the depths we were heard only some Arab cheers.

Mosque is divided into three parts. The first is the vestibule, wherein the shoe is removed. Women also must have covered shoulders, and when you do not have the proper attire can take scarves. The second room is a room for men only and the third room for women – according to the requirements of Islam. Male and ladies are split by wooden wall with a slot in which hangs a curtain. Observation of the main hall action is possible from there. The men’s room has a little balcony (gallery) and mihrab (niche indicating the direction of Mecca) and the minbar (pulpit).


As we learned here in Bohoniki, women can enter the male part. In Kruszyniany apparently this is impossible, because they are more strict there.

We were able to learn a lot of the mosque, habits and religion rules. It was told us by the current imam, religious leader – chief mosque.

Tour is paid – effective purchase of bricks for the price of PLN 5 per adult.