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The geographical center of Europe

City Suchowola – this is a place where according to the calculations made by Simon Anthony Sobiekrajski in 1775 is a center of Europe.


What is interesting is the Europe has few center points, it all depends on what criteria you choose when calculating. And so in 1989 it was concluded that the center of Europe is in Lithuania. Other countries also undertook to determine the center of Europe in their area, and as such points we find also in Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

The phenomenon of so many of Europe contributed to the creation of even the 2004 movie entitled “Centre of Europe”, which beat this topic to death.

For us, it is just a stop along the way. We stopped for a moment in Suchowola and saw the stone set here on this occasion in the market. You can see that more and more popular here is another monument – ks. J. Popieluszko below the metal structure of the arc papal.

Children attraction was undoubtedly the fountain on the market. By hook or crook they wanted to splash parents.