Trips With Kids

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

After a visit to the Viking Ship Museum we headed north along the main street, and after a few minutes of walking we reached the Norwegian Folk Museum. It is a museum with 155 buildings from the years 1600 – 1970. Historic buildings were moved here from the Norwegian towns and villages. There are also few older buildings, like the historic Gol Stave Church from 1212.


The buildings are grouped into regions and between them is a path. Each building is described so we could read what it was used for. There are both residential and outbuildings. Some of these places seems to be still alive – in a bakery for example bread was baked. Most of the huts can be accessed or at least we could look through the window or door.


For kids, that can be bored after while of walking there is a playground.


You should go to this place in good weather – all the exhibits are outdoors. Regular tickets cost NOK 120 for an adult, a child of 6 years enter for 40 NOK, younger free.

See our video of museum visits:

In the front of the museum entrance is a bus stop. We can taka a bus to get to the main harbor of the peninsula – Bygdøynes. There awaited us the next museums.