Trips With Kids

Kon-Tiki Museum

Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl took expedition across the Pacific Ocean on a Kon-Tiki raft in 1947. Presented in the museum’s famous raft “Kon-Tiki” was constructed of lightweight balsa wood and bound with ropes, without the use of nails. Explorer sailed the raft of more than 8,000 kilometers from Peru to Polynesia to prove that the settlement of the Pacific Islands by the original inhabitants of South America was possible. His film made in 1951 that shows his expedition won Oscar price and a book describing the history of the expedition has been translated into 67 languages, including Polish.


We can watch original traveler boat, there is a lot of exhibits and a movie theater presented a film about the expedition. We walked the whole museum and got acquainted how this trip looked. In the museum we can find also restored caves that were found in the excavations conducted on the Easter Islands. At the entrance set the 10-meter replica of the monument of the island.


Regular tickets cost 90 NOK an adult, children > 6 years for 40 NOK, a family ticket 180 NOK.

Our film memory of visit to the Kon-Tiki Museum:

Leaving the museum, I noticed that Kris does not have a jacket. He had left it in the previous museum at the playground. I needed to take extra bus ride to previous museum for it. Fortunately re-entrance was free with Oslo Pass card. His jacket was on the bench.