Trips With Kids

STIHL Poznań Ice Festival 2015

We were able to see the best ice sculptors from around the world who are on the board of the Old Market in Poznan. They formed ice sculptures in front of the audience. Although the temperature was not exactly conducive you could see how much effort costs to prepare good looking ice figure.


Demonstrations were held on raised platforms, so everyone had a chance to see up close what tools are handled to shape ice. It was quite noisy because of chainsaws used to crush the biggest pieces of ice.

In addition to the sculptors in the market square there was also associated concerts of Christmas carols. The entire Old Town Square was in the pre-holiday decorations.


For children a great attraction was the opportunity to work independently on a small sculpture made of ice. Everyone who wanted could get an unfinished block of ice and a chisel. We decided to combine our forces and with the help of three chisels tried to shape ice fish. It worked, maybe it was not as beautiful as the figures of professional sculptors, but that’s not the point. The main thing was having a great time.


Our hard work of sculptors can you can see in the second part of the movie (from 3:35).