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97 anniversary of the Greater Poland Uprising

History of Poland is not easy. In Poznan exactly 97 years ago  was Greater Poland Uprising.


Due to the initiative of the fans of the football club Lech Poznan every year is organized special event on the day of anniversary. Fans are lightning flares on city streets. Every year, on a larger scale. Exactly at 16:40 (which symbolizes the moment of the uprising on 27 December 1918), the fans take to the streets and intersections in the city thereby paralyzing traffic for a minute. They hold up flares.

racowisko-2015-poznanThe visual effect is amazing. The red glow of smoke from flares great honors of fallen heroes. Residents took to the streets with flags of Poland. After a minute flares go off, and the city returns to its normal life.


We decided to show our kids that you have to remember the history. Even if the media does not publish much information about the event. It’s not a great thing, which requires a lot of preparation – this time it was a lesson in patriotism.

The city authorities prepared on Freedom Square a tent with insurgents, where you could make a postcard from the insurgent rebels and photo to the legitimacy of the insurgents. We both did this souvenirs! In front of the tent hologram of insurgent was set. He talked about the uprising and sang the Greater Poland Marseillaise song.

About this song, it is background music for our movie: