Trips With Kids

Gubałówka with kids

Winter holidays we spent at the Zakopane on skiing. However it was nice to have day off. So we came up with the idea to go to Zakopane, to drive with kids to Gubałówka hill.


Gubałówka is a oblong hill with a height of 1126 m a.s.l. on the north-west side of Zakopane. You can ride to the top using railway built in 1938. It overcomes a height difference of 300m driving 1.3km stretch. This saves climbing, what with three small children is quite a convenience. Railway is an attraction in itself, kids can enjoy the view from the train and enjoy the view of the Tatra Mountains. They do not know how much beauty is there – they will know that when they grow up a bit. For now, any attempt to enter the trail uphill is ended with rant.

In the middle of the route takes place an exchange of two carriages – one goes from the top, second from the bottom. A similar solution we saw during last year’s visit to Hrebienok in Slovakia.

At the top of mountain, there’s outside viewpoint and several restaurants – one big market place. It’s a bit frightening, because it looks as if people came there just to buy something. Similarly, at the bottom, before went to the cable train under the bridge there was a huge market. We did not  like it, but while there was acquiescence probably we have to accept it.


Gubałówka is very similar to Hrebienok hill mentioned above. Although here we don’t have such attractions like in Slovakia. There was at the bottom station only one shop, at the top of the hostel – with no massive trade stalls. Cool attraction there was a possibility of downhill sledding from the top on special toboggan trail. We’ve had a lot of fun there. We loved it so we returned to slide twice. On Gubałówka unfortunately is not possible to return to the lower station either skis or sleds, and all the insinuations regarding land ownership. No comment.

At the top, you can use several private ski lifts, a snow park, but surprisingly it was closed. The temperature on that day was -10 ° C. Girls strongly wanted to have “tails” on their ski helmets, so we bought them.


We took apples, known more as “ass flights”. This name for unknown reasons kids liked a lot. There was possibility to do that on tiny hill at the top station of the cable train.

It was very fun, watch: