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The monument of Juraj Jánošík

Slovak national hero is Juraj Jánošík. He lived in 1688 – 1713. He was born in Terchová. During our trip we decided to visit the town and monument.

On the hill next to the village on  300 anniversary they erected a monument here – a statue depicting the character of Juraj (George) Janosik.


According to the story robbers under the command of Juraj Janosik acted on the Hungarian-Polish border. They attacked wealthy people and wealthy merchants, maintaining good mostly for themselves and their people. Part of the loot in the form of gift giving girls.


In the spring of 1713 Janosik was captured and imprisoned in the fortress in Liptovsky Mikulas. There also was a story where he was sentenced to death for killing pastor of Demanica, to which he pleaded not guilty. He died by hanging on the hook.


After his death Slovaks began to idealize Janosik. He gained positive face like Robin Hood, who allegedly took from the rich and gave to the poor. History of Janosik penetrated into literature, and even on TV screens. That’s how we knew his story. Today is he considered to be a symbol of a person who stood up to injustice.

In the 300 anniversary of his death (in 2013) in his home village of Terchová erected a monument. Figure Janosik looks to the village from the hill. Access to the monument is free.


We was surprised that in winter the path leading up the hill was snow-covered. Barely two years after the creation of the monument it has some tiles that are detached, and the construction of the monument was cracked. We hope that local authorities take care of the monument and prevent its destruction in the near future.