Trips With Kids

Long weekend in Norway

We are going to Norway for a long weekend in May!

The idea came up when we were looking for interesting cheap flights using Skyscanner application. We found a cheap flight that perfectly matches with the long weekend. Just one day off and we have four days to travel to Norway. From morning 4/30/2015 to evening 5/3/2015.

The original plan was that we would go there whole family and rent a car on site. But we quickly gave up the idea when we saw the prices. Renting 3 car child seats costs same price that renting whole car. So we needed to pay as much as for renting two cars. We skipped this option.

Flight tickets is the smallest expense. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and Oslo is considered to be the most expensive capital. And somehow it does not scare us.

We are flying budget airlines – Ryanair. We will arrive to Moss Rygge Airport, which is 70 km away from Oslo. Sensible option to get to the capital is either train or bus. We have also decided that the expedition will take part only gentlemen. Some father-son expedition. We will go with grandparents in addition. So we will visit Oslo in 4 people.


These four days we will spend in the capital of Norway need to be well planned. We want to see as much as we can.

Before the trip I bought a travel guide and city map. I chose what is most interesting to watch and constructed itinerary.

Accommodation. Here we used, which proved to be great in the winter during a trip to Slovakia. The original choice was a hostel located in the city center. We did booking and everything would be ok, if I hadn’t attempted to check the reviews of this hostel. I found out that this budget hostel is very dirty and guests complains about “bugs in bed”. Oh, no, we need to change our reservation, because we don’t want to deal with something like this. Here the important thing, which is worth mentioning – the most reservation can be canceled without charge up to 1 day before the visit (unless a prepayment). However, due to high reservation ratio in this period we did second reservation first, and next we canceled previous one. This way we were sure that we will free space in hostel and having something new instead.

Want to see what offers are available in Oslo, take a look here here.

Flight tickets we have, good hotel is booked. It will be nice trip!