Trips With Kids

Visit to Sellin’s house on the pier

Sellin is small village we’ve found on Rugen Island. There is located an unique building on the pier. It’s the house, in which there is the restaurant. This place is so unique that it often appears on lists of the most beautiful places do visit. It is also oftern shown on postcards and prospects of Ruegen island.

We decided to drive there and walk around 🙂

When we reached the town we were able to find parking spot easily, then we went down by very steep stairs to the pier. There’s  a beautiful beach with original baskets. For us that was a great opportunity to stretch our bones after a trip from Poland.

We made a short walk along the pier around the building of restaurant. At the end of the pier there is a very strange attraction – underwater capsule that can take the bottom of the sea. This adventure lasts an hour and is a little dubious pleasure. The sea is not nearly so clear that the windows be free to watch the fish. We not really had the desire and the time for dipping. Only we watched as emerges from the capsule and went on …