Trips With Kids

Rügen Island

We are going for a new adventure. This time we chose a bicycle trip on a sunny island Bornholm. The ferry departs on Sunday from Sassnitz. We decided to spend Saturday on the German’s island of Rügen.

About the ferry – it was funny situation. In the day when we wanted to book the tickets for the ferry we saw that all tickets for that cruise has been sold. It was very strange situation because the ferry does not belong to small ones. We needed to postpone our cruise for one day.

The island of Rügen is a favorite holiday destination of Germans. We could feel it on the highway and the national road, which has become a huge traffic jam. We were accessing the island by a huge bridge Rügenbrücke. Transfer through the bridge looks like this:

Seeing the situation on the road we had to modify our route to avoid slow motions of the car. We decided to partly drove the local roads. Unfortunately, the one and only national road on island – E251 – was a nightmare.

We drove sideways, through the village of Putbus, at the center of which is the market in the shape of a roundabout surrounded by buildings. We reached the first village that we wanted to explore – Sellin, where we took a short walk to the sea.

Rügen is the largest island of Germany. Hides many curiosities, which we will review in future posts …