Trips With Kids

Visiting Wrocław with kids for a weekend

In long May weekend we decided to visit Wroclaw with kids. Our plan was a bit intensive, two days spent on watching the most interesting kids attractions. We had booked a hotel in the suburban Siechnice town.

The plan was as follows:


  • visit Świebodzki Railstation’s Kolejkowo model exhibition,
  • enjoy the view from the top of the Sky Tower,
  • visit the zoo, mostly we wanted to go to Afrykarium, which we were unable to visit the last time,
  • evening show Multimedia Fountain


The plan was fully implemented, we also took advantage of the incredible fun offered by the city of Wroclaw – finding dwarfs.


These small figures of dwarfs are scattered throughout the city. We can use mobile app with map of their locations. Using the phone with a map, walking around the city, you can find all of them. Each location has a photo and short description. Pins refers to places near which they are located. The idea is easy and contributes to visit interesting places in the city.


We managed to find the following dwarfs:

  • Trójkuć Wywiadek
  • Temidek
  • Sportuś
  • Afrokrasnal 1
  • Afrokrasnal 2
  • Kinoman
  • Murarz
  • Kanapownik
  • Panna Młoda (przy Urzędzie Stanu Cywilnego),
  • Pan Młody (przy Urzędzie Stanu Cywilnego),
  • Wrati (przy Selgrosie),
  • Slavi (przy Selgrosie)
  • Edukacjusz,
  • Hipoczyściciel (w ZOO),
  • Papa Krasnal,
  • Żarłok (w restauracji KFC)
  • Royal Dencial 1,
  • Royal Dencial 2,
  • Syzyfki,
  • Syzyfek 2,
  • Pocztuś,
  • Bartonek,
  • TynQuś,
  • Wiesiek Partnerski,
  • Życzliwek,
  • Gołębnik,
  • Wodziarz,
  • W-Skers,
  • Ślepak,
  • Głuchak,
  • Turysta,
  • Wypłacarek,
  • Suvenirek,
  • Wroclovek,
  • Ogorzałek,
  • Opiłek,
  • Strażak,
  • Pożarek,
  • Śpioch,
  • Weteran,
  • Chrapek,
  • Arcik Podróżnik,
  • Rzeźnik,
  • Obieżysmak,
  • Kuźnik,
  • Ciastuś,
  • Amorinek,
  • Dryndek,
  • Lo Gnomo Italiano,
  • Więziennik,
  • Latarnik,
  • Wykształciuch

We found 52 out of 288. How many of the fun and how in this play we got into see in the video:

We liked Wroclaw city very much and will come back in future. Anyway, we need to find remaining dwarfs.