Trips With Kids

Wild camp on the beach in Albania

After an intense morning spent in the center of Durrës, we wanted to spend the rest of the day relaxing in peace and quiet by the sea.

We found a place that can be reached by car. It was a beach located near the estuary of the Shkumbin river. When we got there, it turned out that you can drive to the beach by car. We wanted to do the same. Driving along the shore, we were driving on paved sand and it was fine until we turned towards the sea. The sand that seemed to be hard turned out to be muddy. As a result, our van got buried in the beach.

Trying to drive out with a laden car plunged us into even more trouble, because the car hung on the engine and the wheels were spinning around. There was nothing else to do but to take a rescue operation. Shovel in hand and the digging began. Almost no one around, so it was a struggle in the heat (over 40 degrees) with the hot sand. After a while, there were walkers who wanted to help. However, putting rubber mats, palm leaves and branches under the wheels did not help. The car was too heavy.

As it turned out, Ania came up with the idea of getting us out of trouble by going to an off-road vehicle that was further away. After a while he came and took us out. However, 4×4 drive is a salvation in such situations.

And we, taught not to trust too much sand that looks hard, left the car on a paved road. We set up blankets and a tarp by the sea. We played there all day, and in the evening we pitched a tent and slept on the beach.

We had a private beach, there was no one within a few hundred meters 🙂

After dark, huge black flies started flying over the beach, which were not there during the day. Apart from that, the stay was quite pleasant.