Trips With Kids


We came to Zamosc. Our car was in the parking lot next to the zoo and we went for a walk in the direction of the old market square. To get there we went along the walls of the Zamosc Fortress. We walked through the Szczebrzeska Gate. Walls are beautifully restored thanks to EU grant. Next we walked nearby Cathedral and monument of Hetman Jan Zamoyski on horseback. After a while we’ve disappeared in a small street leading to the market square where there is a historic town hall with beautiful staircase.


During the summer at Old Town, as well as in Poznan, there are plenty of beer gardens. On the terrace of the Market we came across a demonstration of military exercises made by a reconstruction group dressed in historical costumes of Polish infantry. They presented firearms, made several volleys into the air. It’s rare to see such old gun up close. Mostly interested was Justine. They also shown duel with sabers.


We were there only for a while, it was our pit stop on road trip. We wanted to explore Zamosc Zoo, so we moved to that direction.

Fragment of our visit you can see in the video: