Trips With Kids

ZOO in Zamość

There is a beautiful ZOO in Zamość. It is located a short distance from the city center.

In the eastern Poland, there is ZOO gardens are not so popular, so we were motivated to visit this place. This is the only one ZOO in Lublin province.

This ZOO is relatively small and extremely interesting. In comparison with the Zoo in Poznan is about 10 times smaller, when compared to Wroclaw Zoo it’s about three times smaller. About 250 species of animals were gathered here. Small zoo area in comparison with large amount of animals makes the tour very interesting. The distance between the paddocks are very short. This is very important, especially when the exploring zoo with the kids. We were able to get around the whole zoo without saying “my legs hurts”


When we were outside, at  the parking lot, just before we went inside, we were welcomed by brown bears, which are set to run so that you can see them both from the center of the garden, and from behind the fence. Great stuff.

In ticket office we could get a discount for Large Families Card holders. Admission of for child up to 3 years old is free. Along with the ticket ZOO we’ve got a map by which determined the direction of sightseeing.

The walk starts from monkeys area. We go further along the runway to see antelopes. Another point of the route is run for the meerkats. We have been staying here quite longer, because meerkats are great. These tiny animals have well prepared runway, which is very similar to their natural environment. The most curious was meerkats baby, who was still blind and was carried by mother in mouth.

Next, a building with giraffes. We went in through the curtains that protect the corridor from the access of sunlight. We arrived at Giraffes meal time. They ate from trays that were placed at the height of their heads, so they would not have to bend.


In the middle of the garden there is a rest area. There are eateries and a playground for children. It was great opportunity to take some break of walking. After a while we went further near camels and went to the lions and tigers. The Tigers had a very small cage and looked angry.

Another highlight of the pavilion, where we have the opportunity to watch reptiles, amphibians and fish. The most interesting inhabitants of the building were undoubtedly: chameleon and crocodile. Building very nice inside, finished to a high standard. Around the glass window through which we could watch the animals decoration is giving an impression as if we were in the woods or in the mountains (there are imitations of branches, stones). On the ceiling there is a masking grid to reinforce the impression on the visitors.

Then we went next to the wolves, kangaroos and next to birds of prey. Another interesting place was lemurs area. Before them were set images with lemurs and we had the opportunity to do such a photo here:


To sum up – we absolutely liked the zoo and recommend it.